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Security & Backups

Security — the most important aspect of a WordPress site, is also the most overlooked. Keeping your website secure not only gives you peace of mind, but also gives your visitors/clients confidence and trust that you are a serious business owner that cares about their safety and online experience.

We use tried and trusted tools and methods to keep your site secure, such as regular malware scans, spoofing & ip blocking, 2FA, intrusion detection, access and change logs and various other methods that harden and secure your WordPress website.

We will also ensure disaster recovery with daily incremental cloud backups to one of 2 regions (United States or Europe) or to custom destinations such as Amazon S3 storage or Google Drive (Dropbox coming soon).

› Scheduled security scans
› Login protection and masking
› Two-factor authentication
› Blocklist monitoring
› IP Lockout
› Brute force protection
› Security headers
› Safe & Secure Full or Incremental backups
› One-click Restore
› Multiple backup destinations

Maintenance & Updates

Keeping your website up to date is not only a sound security policy but also a must to keep up with the newest technologies and digital trends. Most updates solve programming bugs and fix things that don’t work as expected. There are also milestone updates – updates that bring major overhaul and new features and functions to your website.

The maintenance work is important to make sure that your website performs as expected and isn’t bogged down by database overheads and unnecessary files.

› Safe updating with reverting
› Vulnerability scans and auto patching
› Regular database cleanups
› Uptime monitoring
› Update reports

Performance Optimization

A fast website is a website that sells. A study showed that a decrease in website load times from 3s to 2s (a 1 second difference!) amounted to a 10% increase in sales. That is why investing in good hosting services and optimizing your website from top to bottom is important.

We will take your website’s resources (images, css, js) and optimize them for faster load times. We’re using a powerful caching engine like Lightspeed and caching policies like gzip compression, image optimizations, 45 point global CDN plus other technologies & methods to make your website as fast as a cheetah.

› Image optimization and compression
› Webp image implementation
› Lazy loading
› CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 45 locations worldwide
› Complete caching suite
› Gzip file compression
› Advanced asset (CSS/JS) optimization
› Critical CSS inlining

Wordpress Management Services Subscription


or €300 / year

(per website)


› Security & Backups
› Maintenance & Updates
› Performance Optimization